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Costa Rica Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna Costa Rica

Costa Rica Flora and Fauna is varied throughout the Guanacaste region. Many species are protected through government agencies and private conservation groups

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Costa Rica Flora and Fauna. Focus on Guanacaste and Samara.

Costa Rica has an amazing amount of flora and fauna with huge diviersity. The Guanacaste Region has many species that prefer its dry and warm conditions.

Guanacaste Flora & Fauna

Guanacaste covers the majority of the territory of the Northern Pacific region of Costa Rica, with weather conditions of high temperatures and warm air with little. Guanacaste's dry tropical forest contains various species of plants and animals, including birds, mammals, and amphibians.

The main vegetation types include mixed deciduous forest with fig trees; evergreen forests along streams; mangroves; and also beach vegetation. This entire flora has to support the diverse fauna all around this province. And Guanacaste contains an impressive amount of fauna, with many species of mammals and birds.

Common mammals include the: deer, peccary, tapir, white-face monkey and spider monkey, howler monkey, anteater, jaguar, margay, jaguarundi and ocelot. The avifauna is well represented in the area with more then 500 species.

The most common bird species are: macaw, tinamu, crested guan, roseate spoonbill, jabiru, ibis and falcons.

Guanacaste beaches are of global importance for the protection of Olive ridley sea turtles and leatherback sea turtles, all of thich are endangered.

In general, the biodiversity of flora and fauna is protected through environmental conservation efforts from the government, NGOs, and private organizations. Read more about conservation at: (add link)